Custom Jewelry

wedding bands goldCustom jewelry is the way for you to stand out from the crowd and can also make the perfect gift. Custom jewelry can range from a necklace that has your name inscribed, to a high-end piece worn by royalty. One such example of this is the aquamarine ring worn by Princess Diana.

The Princess commissioned the ring in 1997. The emerald cut aquamarine is flanked by small diamonds and set in 24-carat gold, a delicate and stunning piece.

Probably Princess Diana’s most famous piece was her engagement ring. The reason for this piece being so well remembered was that it was not a custom jewelry piece. It was and still is available to the public, for the price of $65,000.

The ring caused a huge stir at the time, within the royal family and the public because the engagement ring was not a diamond ring and was not especially crafted for the Princess. But the ring is now infamous and even being used in the forthcoming royal wedding, and went to show the Princesses simple, kind nature and changed the publics perception of the monarchy.

At the other end of the spectrum are the custom jewelry pieces worn by hip-hop artists. Today’s hip-hop stars could be compared to the Hollywood stars of the 40’s and 50’s, their style is widely imitated by the public and there is a huge market for the imitation custom jewelry being worn by the stars.

One extreme type of custom jewelry popular in the hip-hop community is jeweled teeth coverings. The rapper Brian “Baby” Williams has his entire mouth full of permanent platinum teeth, the ultimate in custom jewelry!

But for most of us a mouth full of platinum teeth or a $65,000 ring are a little out of reach. A more modest example of custom jewelry is a photo pendant. These are a thoughtful going away gift for a traveler, or to show your love on Valentines Day. Retro photo pendants are highly desirable because of their delicate appearance and it is possible, with some digging, to find these pendants at flea markets for affordable prices.

Designing your own custom jewelry has never been easier thanks to websites that let you upload a design using digital technology and imaging software and transform your idea into a custom piece. Most of these custom jewelry pieces will be made from precious metal alternatives and can use synthetic stones to create a unique color specific to your design.

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