How to Order Custom Jewelry

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Today’s post answers some of the questions that readers frequently email us about on customized jewelry and how they should get started.

First of all, a reliable and reputable jeweler is someone you definitely need to find. Once you decide on a jeweler, here are the things to take note of when commissioning a project.

Make a List

Making a written list of all the specific characteristics you wish your jewelry to have will make it a lot easier when you meet with the jeweler to discuss the project. Any specific measurements relevant to the piece should be on the list: neck size, finger size and gemstone sizes, etc.

If you know the kind of metal you want to use or the type of gem and cut you want, write that down on the list as well. Keep in mind any specific details like the deadline that you need the custom jewelry by (and don’t be afraid to give yourself a time buffer just in case any delays occur).

Requesting a Quote

Every jeweler has its own process for requesting a quote. You’ll usually be asked to fill out a form with all your custom jewelry specifications. Once you submit a quote request, the jeweler will contact you to ask you questions about your design idea so that they can get better sense of the work involved and provide you with the most accurate price quote they can.

Once you approve the quote, you’ll be asked to deposit a portion of the price up front (usually half). Keep this in mind while you’re planning your wedding and especially when establishing your budget.

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Approving the Design Concept

Next, the jeweler will send you a computer rendering of what the finished design will look like. Approving the final design concept can be a long process, but that’s okay. It’s important that you take your time discussing the custom design of your piece with the jeweler before finalizing it. Just make sure that you have given yourself plenty of time before the wedding so you don’t find yourself in a mad rush trying to get it finished and later regretting that you didn’t have more time to think about it more.

If you’re purchasing a custom diamond necklace or engagement ring, you usually be asked to select a loose diamond individually. A trusted loose diamonds dealer will usually have a huge selection of stones to choose from, and might even have the option of cutting a stone specifically for your custom piece.

Once everything is finalized, the jeweler will get to work creating a custom piece of jewelry that is made specifically for you. The result will be a one-of-a-kind, wearable art object that its recipient will be sure to treasure.

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